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Thank you for considering Palladio & Co. to build your new home. We appreciate your trust and confidence in our abilities to meet your high expectations.  Our past performance has proven our ability to first define and then exceed the needs, wants and desires of all our clients. 


For the design to move from the mind of the architect and client to reality, there must be a method of building the home.  The main objective of Palladio & Co. is to provide that structure and framework.  Every detail of the plan, type of construction, and character of finish is analyzed.  At this point, it is a team effort of collaboration.


We promote and maintain a genuine customer service attitude toward our clients and among our team.  As a result, we consistently translate our clients’ needs into their custom home in an individual, personalized and unique manner.  There are no shortcuts, no detail overlooked and no compromise made in ensuring quality and craftsmanship for each custom home.


​We pride ourselves on providing tremendous professional service to you even before we finalize a Building Contract.  We will guide you through the entire process of reviewing your existing plans with a critical ‘builders’ eye, analyzing your property and creating detailed specifications (the ‘written details’ that compliment your plans).  The goal of this Pre-Construction process is to clearly define the full scope of your project as there are many components to consider in calculating a “TRUE VALUE”.  Only then can we accurately create a budget to build your dream home. 

Custom Home Specifications and Materials  (QUALITY)


​Personal Attention and Experience  (SERVICE)


​Accurate Construction Schedule  (TIMELINESS)​


​Line Item Construction Budget  (COST) 



The accurate and timely information you provide will be critical to creating a realistic budget and helps us better understand your needs and desires so we can far exceed your expectations in the construction of your new Custom Home. 



Interestingly, actual construction is the most predictable part of the entire process.  Since a Custom Home contains so many unique components, features and specifications, the challenges arise in the area of communication.  Coordinating the customer selections, ordering material on time and maintaining a smooth flowing construction schedule requires a great deal of management skill.

We work hand-in-hand with various artisans and craftsman who are experts in their own fields and have proven their value to us over time and share our unified commitment to quality and attention to detail.


Accurate and timely exchange of information is critical.   Palladio & Co. will be in personal contact with you for various reasons.  We will request information and selections from you and we may seem demanding at times, but it is necessary to keep focused and on track so your Custom Home can remain on schedule and on budget.  We want to far exceed your high expectations.


You will be provided with a construction timeline that indicates when your decisions on various product selections must be finalized.  This timeline is based on our vast experience in knowing how much lead-time is required in the ordering process so that construction stays on schedule. 


In order to ensure the home is proceeding according to the plan, regular walk-throughs will be scheduled.  Some deviations from the plan are inevitable during the process of building a one-of-a-kind custom home and these scheduled walk-throughs will quickly help identify and solve any deviations so we can continue to move the project forward in a positive, cohesive direction.   


Within a few days after you move in, a final walk-through will be scheduled to explain all mechanical systems and introduce you to your home.  When possible, we try to have your artisans and craftsmen explain their products first hand. 


You will be provided with a detailed Home Warranty (the National Association of Home Builders Residential Construction Performance Guidelines), which explains your warranty.  Three months thereafter, we will contact you to tend to any questions or concerns about your home.  Any discrepancies will be immediately addressed.

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