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Great homes are built through great relationships.  We build a limited number of custom homes per year so we can be intimately involved and accountable for all phases of the building process.  We work extremely hard to ensure every home will reach its full potential.


    The Palladio & Co. approach to building a magnificent custom home emphasizes:

  • Presenting the client with realistic options and solutions

  • Executing the schedule

  • Managing the budget

  • Efficient and proactive communication

  • Collaborating with trusted, proven and qualified professional partners


Palladio & Co. has established long-standing relationships with the area’s finest suppliers and craftsmen who share our commitment to excellence and uncompromising attention to detail to create a home of enduring quality and beauty.  Seamless collaboration and communication orchestrated by Palladio & Co. between the client, architect, interior designer, trade partners and the landscape architect are essential for a successful project.


Palladio & Co. demands the custom homes we build be better homes in every sense of the word - better in planning, in design, in quality materials, in construction fundamentals, in landscaping and in the opportunities that they offer for the development of a quality home life and ……….


By this standard, we create “TRUE VALUE” for all our clients that

will past down through the generations.



PALLADIO & Co. Inc. specializes in building high-end custom homes and large renovations designed by architects. We provide the expertise, superior craftsmanship, and guidance to assist our clients successfully through the process of creating a unique, quality custom home to fit their lifestyle and fulfill their dreams.

About PALLADIO & Co.  The company was named after Andrea Palladio (1508-1580) an Italian architect that is widely considered the most influential person in the history of Western architecture. Palladio was actually his nickname and translates to “wise and trustworthy”. He revived and developed classical architecture and fostered an aesthetic of perfect harmony, proportion and balance in the structuring of basic geometric shapes. His buildings were beautiful and had a sense of internal harmony and balance that were comfortable as well as functional.  

Palladio's promoted a rationalized system of architecture based on hierarchy, symmetry, and geometry. His contributions take the form of a treatise on architecture, The Four Books of Architecture, published in 1570. His book set out his architectural principles as well as practical advice for builders. His drawings and illustrations created an architectural pattern-book that has been the guide for many over the years.

In Washington D.C. you can see many examples of Palladio influence. Some of the buildings that depict his elements are: District Building (columns), White House (portico), United States Capitol (dome), National Archives and The Supreme Court’s building design, the Library of Congress (columns) and the West Wing of the National Gallery of Art (columns, dome and rotunda). In addition, the third American President and architect Thomas Jefferson turned to Palladio for inspiration in the design of Monticello.

What Palladio teaches us is that great architecture always involves a sense of order and a sense of place. The simplicity of form, geometric clarity and order of design become integral parts of all great buildings.

Today, Palladio & Co. embraces all of Palladio’s philosophies: an intelligent site plan; use of durable, natural materials; appropriate scale; inspiring classical design and superb craftsmanship.  We pay attention to every detail in the construction of your home, blending sturdy building techniques with elegant, artful style, proportion and architectural detail.

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